Denim on denim is no longer a taboo subject. Can you wear denim on denim? Why not.

Can you wear denim on denim? What a ridiculous question; of course you can. Double denim was once deemed a cardinal sin in the fashion world but is now widely accepted. Good news for you denim devotees out there. But don’t get too excited; there’s wearing double denim and then there’s wearing double denim. Remember Justin and Britney’s red carpet disaster at the 2001 American Music Awards? Never, ever be repeated, for all our sakes.

You can however make double denim work and if done right, the outcome will make huge improvements to your casual day wear. Look no further for styling tips to that age old question.

Rule # 1 – Contrast Denim Washes : If you’re going to dabble in double blue denim contrasting your top and bottom half is essential; too much of one shade will drown you out. This means either teaming  an indigo wash with a light or faded wash or alternatively pairing a black wash with a blue stone wash. Whichever option you go for, just make sure you’re contrasting different washes and shades.

Rule # 2 – Smarten Things Up : The double denim look can be just as smart as it can be casual. Avoid loose or baggy fits and distressed or light washes. The darker the wash, the smarter your look will be. Perhaps not for formal events, but when smartened up denim on denim can work well for a night out or a date.

Rule # 3 – Distress Your Denim : A great way to break up the denim on denim look and avoid looking too matchy matchy is to opt for distressed denim. Steer clear of distressing your whole outfit, just opt for one item and don’t go too overboard – you don’t want to look like you’ve been clawed at by your cat. Distressed denim can inject an edginess into your outfit that something like contrasting washes won’t necessarily. However, previous rules still apply; just because you’re distressing your denim you should still bear in mind things like contrasting the washes you wear. So for example, a pair of black distressed jeans would look great with a light wash jacket on top. Keep things understated and tasteful and you’ll be onto a winner.